Thursday, January 5, 2012

14 miler at Waterfal Glen!

Location:  Waterfal Glen 
Distance:  14 miles
Time:  2hrs
Temperature:  38-42 degrees

  This was a really great run and actually was not planning on running this distance.  This is currently the furthest I have run. Prior to this run my longest distance was the Rock'n Roll  half marathon in Chicago.  The run today started pretty slow and I was stiff but after a few miles I felt quite a bit better.  The trail was kind of a mix of ice and mud which was a bit challenging for my footwork.  I was happy with the beautiful weather today, it felt like spring.  
  After about mile 7 I was kinda thinking that going a little further then 10 miles might be possible, since I was feeling really good during this run.  So I decided to set my goal for 13 or 14 miles.  By  the time I got to 13 miles I thought why not just do the 14, so I did.  Near the end of the run I was getting pretty sore and my legs were so stiff, but I was very happy I pushed my self to finish it! All in all a great day on the trail

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