Saturday, December 31, 2011

Benis Woods To Brookfeild Zoo 12mile

Date:  12-31-2011
Location:  Bemis Woods Cook County 
Distance:  12 miles
Temperature:  35 degrees 

I have been wanted to run this trial for a while now.  I work right up the road from it and still have not managed to get my self over there.  The run started pretty slow actually, possibly because of the cold damp weather, but I picked up the pace later on.  Despite the cold I did feel pretty good the whole run.  My knee did start to give me problems around mile 8ish but after a while the pain finally faded away.  Other then my knee everything else went well. Got some good pics and chatted with a few other runners out there today, the trail was full of people.  I hope to be going back there running soon!