Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Catching up from last week

Location:  Springbrook Prairie
Time:  51:24
Distance:  6miles

Well there is not much to say about this run other then that it was horribly windy and cold.  I defiantly did not pick the right path to run on that day.  There are no trees or hills to block any of the freezing wind, and it seemed like it was just blowing in my face every direction I was in.  The run wasn't all bad though.  The snow was packed well enough on the trail so I didn't have to wear spikes, and I could actually keep a pretty steady pace.

Location:  Greene Valley
Time:  1:12 min
Miles:  ???

This was a great day with lots for fresh powder on the ground.  I woke up and saw all the snow coming down outside so I wasted no time on packing up my winter running gear and getting out on a trail.  I went to Greene Valley because of how close it is to where I live in DG, and It dose have a lot of fun trails.  This was a much more pleasurable run.  Minimal wind and lots of fresh snow.  I ended up wearing my microspikes which helped a lot.  I didn't really plan any specific time or distance for this run.  I just wanted to have fun and explore the woods for a few hours basically.  The total time I spent running was 1hour and 12 min, but spent  a lot more time out there just taking pictures and checking out the scenery.  I felt very strong running and was impressed at the distance I covered especially in the snow.  The next day I did a few miles at the gym and then took a few rest days.  Not sure how much running I will get done in the next few days with the blizzard thats coming through.

spikes next to deer track