Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Mile

Location:  Waterfall Glenn
Time:  1 hour 14min
Distance: 10mile
Temperature:  27 degrees

Well finally I had a sunny day to go running. I woke up and  went right over to Waterfall Glenn Forest preserve and did the loop there.  I actually wasn't planning on doing the full 10 miles there but I felt really good today.  My calf muscles were pretty much healed up from last week so they didn't bother me much, and I had a ton of energy.  I think switching from water, which I usually drink, to Gatoraide may of helped.  Also I did have one Gu and had it with in the first 25 or 30 min which may have helped as well.  Last time I ran the same trail I became very weak near the end, but today I felt very strong and was kind of thinking of just doing a full 13 miles to get used to doing a half marathon.  Well I Once I saw my car in the lot I decided that I will call it quits after 10miles so I could grab some lunch.  It was a great run with lots of sun and minimum snow/ice.