Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Springbrook Prairie

Location:  Springbrook Prairie
Miles:  6
Time:  46.38 min.
Temperature:  26 degrees

  Well today I am off of work and decided to hit up Springbrook Prairie.  It was actually my first trail run for a while with out any snow on the trail.  I decided that it would be a good day to try out my new trail shoes for the first time.  They ended up working out pretty well.  I was surprised to see that the New Balance 101s were actually pretty comfortable, although it was quite a bit different running with almost no support or cushioning.  I am looking forward to using them on more of a single track trail this spring.

  The run went pretty well, although I think I started at a faster pace then I should have.  Towards the end my calf muscles were getting a little sore.  As for the weather the sky was over cast and even though it was a nice 26-30 degrees the wind was pretty much non-stop in my face.  Anyways after the run I went and picked up some coffee to warm up and made some excellent quesadillas for lunch.  Tomorrow I have another day off of work but may just do a light day on the treadmill.  Don't want to push my sore calf muscles to much.

    Picture of the model airplane runway