Friday, December 24, 2010

Beginning the Holidays

    Well I only managed a short run today.  Sorry but no exact stats on the run because I only did a short run around the neighborhood to stay loose.  The holidays have been quite busy with work, shopping, and cooking.  I did manage to get myself an early x-mas present which was  a pair of the  New Balance mt101s.  I have not worn them yet running  but very excited to try them out when I can get a good day for trail running in. Of course they are a minimalist shoe and am not ashamed to say that I am  a big Anton Krupicka fan ( yea  a hippie at heart for sure!!).  So naturally I went towards this shoe.  The review about the shoes will be written at a later date after I get a few 10 milers under them.
  Yea  buddy!  They are minimalist, rugged, and fast!!!
What more could you ask for??

 In other news I finished my amazing seafood gumbo for Christmas eve and am looking forward to a great holiday. And if you like gumbo I will be posting my recipe with in the next few days.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hit the Gym

Location:  Cardinal Fitness 
Miles:  5.85
Time:  44:32

Well I was looking forward to possibly getting out to a trail on my day off today, but sadly never happened.  Due to the muggy weather, wet/slushy ground, and my last minute x-mas shopping I decided to just hit up the gym and run a few miles on the treadmill this evening.  Did a quick 5 miles and now at home getting ready to cook up a delicious seafood gumbo!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Greene Valley

Location:  Greene Valley Forest Preserve
Miles:  5.91
Temperature:  15F

    It was an absolutely beautiful day for a trail run, despite the cold weather. It was only about 15 degrees outside today during my run.  This has only been my second time trail running in the snow.  I find it very fun and love the new challenges that come along with running in the snow.
    My route began at the trail head of the Main Trail, then made my way to the Thunderbird spur trail.  The Thunderbird spur trail was quite pleasant, especially in the snow.  It was a little more rugged and took me far out past the main trails of Greene Valley.  Although with the more rugged terrain came more stress on my calf muscles.  Even while wearing microspikes it was still a challenge to keep some balance.  
    As i finished the Thunderbird spur trail I cut into the Caruso trail, only about 0.8mil long, which took me to a road that brought me right back to the main trail which I then completed.