Thursday, December 30, 2010

Waterfall Glen

Location:  Waterfall Glen
Miles:  10 miles 
Time: 1hr 35 min
Temperature:  28F

    Well I decided to go for a longer trail run later in the day.  I was really happy with this particular run today.  I haven't run a good 10 miler for a while, and haven't run that distance in the snow at all ever.  The trail had a perfect amount of snow on it and had almost no ice, so it was perfect for my microspikes.  I was keeping a good pace most of the time, but did stop a few times to grab a few pics.  There was only one slight problem I had on the run and that was I only brought one GU with me.  I felt very strong the whole run and had sucked down a chocolate GU with in the first 40 min.  That helped but I kind of forgot how much more energy it dose take to run a good pace in the snow.  By the time I hit mile 8.5 I was starting to feel kind of weak and just not holding a good pace.  Luckily it was only another mile and a half till I was at my car, so it wasn't a bad distance at all.  Next time I will be more prepared for a long run in the snow.  As of tomorrow  I plan on just going for a 5 miler  on the treadmill at Cardinal before work.  Here are some pics from the run earlier today. 

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  1. I always enjoy running at WFG, hoping to get a winter run there soon.